July 22, 2024

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Best travel tripods 2024: Lightweight and compact tripods

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Best travel tripods 2024: Jump List

Take one of the best travel tripods on your next big adventure and see how easy it is to take breathtaking photos. These space-saving tripods are great for astrophotographers hiking out to remote locations, or travel photographers trying to keep their backpacks light. When combined with the best cameras and best lenses you’ll be surprised at just how great your photography can look.

Our expert reviewers have tested these tripods out in the field, making note of their weight and size so you can work out whether they’ll fit in your bag. Often constructed from carbon fiber (over heavier materials like aluminum) these tripods tend to have telescopic capabilities, folding down to a size that allows them to slide snuggly into carry-on luggage or one of the best camera backpacks.


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