May 26, 2024

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Marriott Hotels Enters All-Inclusive Space With Family-Friendly Marriott Cancun

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Laurie Baratti

Making its entrance into the booming all-inclusive sector, Marriott Hotels is joining Marriott International’s All-Inclusive by Marriott Bonvoy portfolio, beginning with an eagerly anticipated new resort in ever-popular Cancun, Mexico.

The upcoming Marriott Cancun, An All-Inclusive Resort is set to debut in early 2024, inviting guests of all ages to experience enriching activities, vibrant entertainment and dynamic hospitality, all aimed at embracing local culture and fostering human connections.

Boasting nearly 600 properties, the Marriott Hotels brand has already earned the trust and loyalty of modern business and leisure travelers alike. Its consistent delivery of heartfelt service and ethos of placing people first has sparked a surge of family travelers who are passing their brand loyalty down the generations.

Given this wave of momentum, as well as the rising popularity of hassle-free trip planning and the growing trend of intergenerational travel, Marriott Hotels hopes to entice both new and loyal guests to enjoy a unique blend of relaxation and exploration with Marriott Bonvoy’s flagship hotel brand.   

The appeal of all-inclusive resorts continues to grow, particularly among families seeking convenient trip planning coupled with a desire for deeper connections and diverse experiences. Marriott Hotels All-Inclusive Resorts are committed to creating a haven where travelers of every generation can enjoy comfort, connection and excitement giving them a jumping-off point and the freedom to pursue their passions, immerse themselves in the destination and create unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

Guests of the Marriott Cancun will curate their each day for themselves, choosing from a range of options, including delectable culinary concepts, ample amenities, nightly entertainment, family-friendly activities and more. All of these will be infused with authentic aspects of local culture and led by the heartfelt hospitality of Marriott Hotels associates.

Resort programming and activities will evolve according to the calendar, but some highlights include:

  • The Greatroom, a signature concept exclusive to Marriott Hotels, will be given a unique twist developed just for all-inclusive properties. It serves as the central hub of the resort experience, offering a space where guests can socialize between activities. Designed to seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor, this area also offers a chance to further connect with the locale. In a nod to the brand’s heritage, guests are welcomed with a signature arrival soda refresher to ease their transition into vacation mode and encourage them to mingle.
  • Novice-to-Expert Artist Workshops are part of a unique program aimed at enhancing guests’ sense of immersion and fulfillment. Through hands-on classes and experiences guided by local craftspeople, participants can gain insights into the destination and its heritage, fostering connections with one another and the local culture.
  • Elevated Amenities and Rich Entertainment cater to every type of guest, providing a variety of options for those seeking “me time” or “we time”. From dynamic pools and water slides to unique pop-up cinema moments, nightly entertainment and beachside family picnics, guests will find delightful choices suited to their preferences.
  • A Seat at the Table for Every Generation represents a guarantee that relies on the well-rounded restaurant offerings at each all-inclusive resort. Guests can find familiar cuisine with nostalgic touches at spots like the signature burger and shake restaurant, beach-inspired eateries, and unique pop-up experiences, like Alice’s Tamale Ritual. This afternoon festivity, rooted in the Marriott name’s heritage, will bring guests together for a delicious and memorable culinary experience.

“Understanding the importance of family connections, Marriott Hotels All-Inclusive concept is designed to meet and exceed the evolving needs of multigenerational travelers,” said Drew Iddings, Vice President, Premium Classic Brands, Marriott Hotels.  “In its simplest form, all-inclusive stays are about wanting to relax, feel taken care of and create memories together—all in one place.”

He continued, “As a brand that has always been focused on fostering moments of bonding and delivering on feelings of connection, hospitality, and trust, who better to be servicing the travelers who seek this style of vacation? We are ready to help families find fun and fulfillment during their travels, starting in Cancun and through to Jamaica and Tunisia, some of the world’s most captivating destinations.”

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