April 13, 2024

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Move to Australia To Snag a Family-Friendly and Off-Road-Loving Miniroo Travel Trailer

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If you’re into outdoor and on-road living, you know damn well that Australia is king at this game. With that in mind, let’s explore this here, Miniroo, and see why you mind traveling to Australia after this one.

Folks, Australia has been known to spit out some of the world’s most amazing campers and expedition vehicles. Moreover, these puppies are well under the price range North Americans would expect for something this capable, and that, my dear readers, is the main reason why I chose to bring to light TrackStar Campers’ Miniroo.

Suppose you’re pressed for time, or your attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish’s. In that case, I can sum up the Miniroo with the following statement: it’s a forward-fold camper that can accommodate four guests, handles off-road excursions, and above all, is priced starting at just $28K, but that’s in Australian dollars, so all you’re really dropping on this is around $18,400 American. Please continue reading; it’ll only take around three to five minutes for you to really get acquainted with this beast.

Now, one of the most important aspects of this sort of camper is its ability to handle off-road adventures, and to do that, the suspension needs to be in tip-top shape. TrackStar’s website mentions that the Miniroo is created in the image of its bigger brother, the Omaroo, and that beast is equipped with a solid trailing A-arm setup with two shock absorbers for each wheel.

Omaroo 4

Photo: TrackStar Campers

That suspension then creates the dynamics of driving along with something like this behind you, leading us to this unit’s body. It’s crafted in the image of countless other forward-fold units to come out of Australia, and while that may sound like a drag, it’s a tested and proven design that’s received praise after praise for having all the right junk in all the right places.

All this “junk” means that you’ll be able to see out of your truck or 4×4’s rearview mirror, have one hell of a low center of gravity, handle turns and terrain without fear of tipping over, and upon arriving at your destination in the wild, it’ll explode into a full-blown campsite.

Come to think of it, for the remainder of this so-called piece of literature, take a moment and picture yourself in the middle of nowhere, devoid of the sounds of city life, and with only you and your family around, maybe some friends with their campers too.

After you’ve found the right spot to perch your proverbial and literal solar panels, it’s time to stabilize your unit, unhitch, and unravel the magic that may end up being your home away from home. This will begin with you unfolding part of the Miniroo’s roof and watching that tent structure come to life. Be sure to put on some elbow grease, as you’ll need to give some attention to the setup process.


Photo: TrackStar Campers

Fast-forward a few minutes or so, and you’ll be standing in the shade of a four-person camper with a large awning jutting out of the side. But, before we head inside to see what your temporary home may look like, be sure to explore the Miniroo’s exterior, as it’s packed to the absolute brim with all the outdoor goodies we need to survive out in the wild.

For example, this is one of the fewer units that. I’ve encountered where the manufacturer loads this sucker to the brim with features, and one of the standard ones is a shower tent. That shower is fed with a water pump and even a manual backup pump, which also carries life-giving juice to the galley.

That galley is set up on two slide-outs that are hidden and protected within the Miniroo’s body and accessible only when needed. At the front of the unit, a fridge slide-out is in place, and at the rear, a two-burner top, sink with running water, and countertop space is found. Throw in a couple of gas bottle holders – four of them – and you’re set to whip up three-course meals in the middle of nowhere.


Photo: TrackStar Campers

Along the other side of the unit, you’ll be able to find access to a massive storage bay with drawers, water intake, electrical hookup, and several others. You’ll fill all 100 l (26 gals) of water tanks from here and also tamper with your electrical system. While a 100 amp battery is standard, some features are upgradeable, so take a look around and always bring a checkbook.

Now, as night falls, you’ll slowly start to prepare the interior of the Miniroo for sleeping, and what was once the dinette where you and the family enjoyed your meal or entertained guests will now shift its use to a bed. Another sleeping area is found sitting up on that unfolded section of the roof. Zip up those screens, turn off the LEDs, and tell a story or two until the kids are fast asleep. Your attention turns to your significant other, and with a kiss, it’s a good night.

As for the next morning, we all know the feeling of waking up to the sounds of the local wildlife after breathing in the freshest air around all night. It’s time to inch your way out of the unit without disturbing the kids and put on a pot of coffee. Now that’s one hell of a way to start the day or week, and it’s all for under $20K? I think I’m moving to Australia.


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