May 26, 2024

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NCET Biz Tips: The future of recreational travel is here

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In the world of recreational vehicles (RVs), a revolutionary new entrant is setting the standard for what adventurers can expect from their travel experiences. That entrant is based right here in Reno.

The first true all-season, electric cabin, off-road capable, high-tech RV made by AEONrv is not just a vehicle. It’s a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts who crave exploration without compromise yet with the comforts of home. With 135 orders in the queue, this groundbreaking RV has proven an unparalleled choice for outdoor adventurers.

How did the AEONrv come about? Jim Ritchie, an avid outdoorsman, had been underwhelmed with the small RVs and camper vans he rented for camping, skiing, and biking trips. He wanted his own rig, but his ideal RV didn’t exist. Most lacked quality, were not truly all-season, and had inefficient layouts.

Determined to create his dream RV, Jim and his friend Lars Severin shared their design ideas with other outdoor enthusiasts and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Motivated by their vision to deliver “The Tesla of RVs” by leveraging the latest advancements in modern and green technology, Jim and Lars founded AEON Industries LLC.

Why Reno? Reno became a pivotal location for AEONrv due to its strategic advantages and supportive ecosystem. Our region offered access to skilled labor, a favorable business environment, and proximity to outdoor recreational areas, making it the ideal location to establish manufacturing operations.

AEON Industries LLC combines over 60 years of experience in software and technology innovation. Outside of AEONrv’s core team of Jim as CEO and Lars as CTO, Matt Sewell serves as director of manufacturing operations. Matt brings over 18 years of manufacturing and design experience in auto, high-tech, aerospace, commercial, and consumer products.

Currently, AEONrv employs 22 individuals, including manufacturing engineers, RV technicians, and an office manager. With ambitious growth plans, AEONrv aims to expand to approximately 50 employees by 2024 year-end.

Although “very cool” is often viewed as a cliché, AEONrv vehicles are indeed impressive with their built-in advanced technology and comfort features to enhance the camping experience.

All-Season: Superior insulation and highly efficient AC and heating systems.

Off-Road & Off-Grid Capable: Live off-grid for up to one week without RV park hookups.

Green Technology: Electric and solar-powered cabin that is up to 10 times more thermally efficient than traditional RVs.

High-End Modern Design: Uniquely built using fiberglass-reinforced panels and adhesives with no “RV rattle.”

Technology Focused: Real-time software monitoring, integration, support, and controls with remote pet-safe climate controls.

AEONrv’s success has allowed expansion to a new 35,000-square-foot manufacturing space. So far, AEONrv has delivered 16 AEONrvs and plans to ship 50-plus more units in 2024. Investments in new automated equipment have quickly followed to enhance the manufacturing process. An annual run rate of 12 units per month by Q1 2025 is projected.

Challenges? AEONrv’s primary challenge can be viewed as a positive one. The company is doing everything possible to manage an 18-month waitlist backlog while increasing production to meet demand without compromising quality. The new manufacturing space and automated equipment go a long way to overcoming that challenge.

Needless to say, AEONrv fields many questions about its construction methods, off-grid capabilities, and customization options. Customers are often curious about the materials used, energy sources, and features that differentiate the AEONrv from traditional RVs. The company faithfully answers those questions daily, such as how its fiberglass-reinforced panels contribute to strength and durability. Other questions revolve around how the company has integrated renewable energy sources like solar panels. Many inquiries are made about AEONrv’s unique bathroom design, which serves multiple purposes and saves space.

AEONrv is not your dad’s RV. It isn’t about getting you to your destination; it’s about enriching your experience along the way.

AEONrv represents a significant step forward in eco-conscious travel and comfort. It’s an invitation to veer off the beaten path. Equipped with rugged tires, a high clearance, and a robust suspension system, the AEONrv delivers exceptional off-road capabilities to ensure that new places are not out of reach.

The future of recreational travel is indeed here now.

If you want to learn more about the innovative AEONrv, you have an opportunity right around the corner at NCET Tech Wednesday on May 8.

Sign up early for the AEONrv’s presentation from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. with networking from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. During your visit, you will:

• Witness the entire AEONrv construction process, from design inception to the finished product.

• Gain insight into the innovative technology and materials that set an AEONrv apart.

• Learn about AEONrv’s latest manufacturing equipment, streamlining processes for better efficiency and quality.

• Discover AEONrv’s vision for future growth and development.

So don’t be late. Register now by visiting

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