June 12, 2024

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Wellness Travel BC explores shifting travel trends as health and wellness take center stage for Canadians

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Whether you’re escaping for romance, bonding with friends, or enjoying a family holiday, wellness and travel are now inseparable—emphasizing overall well-being

When you hear the words wellness travel, what comes to mind? If it’s a luxury experience for those living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, think again.

Prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional well-being at work, at home, and in our daily lives is now de rigour. Wellness Travel BC continually studies research that individuals are seeking travel experiences that facilitate self-connection, interpersonal engagement, and mindful enjoyment. Travelling to destinations for activities to improve or maintain our overall health and wellness in a sustainable environment is here to stay.

Wellness and travel are seamlessly intertwined, and there are so many incredible experiences to choose from, ranging from casual rejuvenating trips to more curated and refined experiences.Here are some unforgettable yet relaxing travel experience examples where fun and wellness are intertwined:

  •  Meditation and yoga class set on a floating dock in the ocean
  • Serene meditation sessions atop the mountains in B.C.’s coastal range or the majestic peaks of the Yukon
  • Luxurious spa retreats at high-end hotels or resorts
  • Immersive hikes into the rainforest to reconnect with nature

Regardless of your preference or reason for seeking a getaway or vacation to decompress, wellness and travel go together like never before. After all, isn’t time away for romance, reconnecting with friends, or a holiday with the entire family (including Grandma and Grandpa) really about our overall wellness?

And yes, one can also seek a themed wellness retreat, to learn or reset life skills and become the best version of themselves. Health and well-being are redefining travel experiences more so than ever, and there’s never been a better time to explore what makes you happy and well.

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​Here are some ideas to consider as you plan your travel for wellness.

Holistic health retreats: retreats that provide an approach to well-being that encompass physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. These retreats often include activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, nutritional learning and spa treatments complemented by outdoor activities, including forest bathing, hiking, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing in winter.

Fitness and adventure wellness: experiences that include year-round outdoor activities, soft adventure sports, and fitness-related,delivered against a stunning scenic backdrop.

Urban wellness: immersive activities, including access to public gardens, arts and music, galleries, festivals, and cultural experiences that provide a refreshing pause from daily distractions, often while staying at inspired hotels that extend wellness through healthy dining and in-house programs.

Healthy eating and nutrition retreats: offer healthy and nutritious cuisine, farm-to-table, vegetarian or vegan options, and wellness-focused meal planning, including cooking classes with noted chefs.

Wellness resorts and spas: include a range of immersive wellness services including medical assessments, massage, facials, body treatments, acupuncture, and fitness as part of the offerings. Stays at the resorts range from a minimum  of two days to one week, or more extended programs. 

Digital detox: where one disconnects from technology to enjoy a detox during their wellness travels. Destinations and resorts encouraging this by limiting or restricting access to electronic devices are gaining popularity, particularly in British Columbia.

Mental health retreats: focus on mental health, stress management, and emotional well-being for work and life balance. These retreats may include therapy sessions, workshops, and activities to improve mental health.

Sustainable and eco-friendly wellness: emphasizing a connection with nature while promoting responsible travel practices at the hotel, resort and within the community the guest is visiting.

Wellness travel encompasses achieving a state of overall well-being by engaging in activities and experiences that promote physical, mental, and emotional health, often in conjunction with sustainable and mindful practices.




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