April 13, 2024

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Money-saving tips if you plan to travel for the solar eclipse

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Charlotte will only see a partial eclipse. These tips will help save money on the full eclipse experience.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The 2024 total solar eclipse is now less than a month away, giving 15 states a breathtaking view of something we won’t see again until 2045. 

Because of this, many Americans will likely travel to get in the direct path of the eclipse. But before you book that flight, WCNC Charlotte has some travel tips before you start your adventure so that you’re not left asking, “Where’s the money?”

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In Charlotte, we’ll only get to see a partial eclipse. If you want a total eclipse, you’ll have to leave the Carolinas. Travel website Going is sharing some tips for people who want a front-row view. 

First, Going says if you haven’t booked your travel yet, you’re already late to the game. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck. With some creativity and flexibility, you can see this incredible phenomenon without breaking the bank. 

The path of totality stretches from the west coast of Mexico to the east coast of Canada, running across the U.S. from Texas through the Midwest to New York and Maine.

Going says the best spots to view the eclipse will likely be in Mexico and Texas.

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And while flight prices are going to vary depending on where you are flying from, the dates, and when you buy your tickets, Going says the cheapest cities along the path of totality to fly to are: 

  • Indianapolis
  • San Antonio
  • Buffalo
  • Austin
  • Cleveland

Using your airline points can be another great way to snag a last-minute fare for cheap. If flights to the airports closest to where you want to see the eclipse are just way too high, Going says to consider a road trip from a near-ish airport where prices are experiencing a less of an eclipse surge. You might have to drive three to four hours to view the total eclipse, but it might be worth it to save some bucks.

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